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HY0001 - WOMAN OF WATER series (2014-16) Acrylic on canvas 80 cm x 60 cm
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Artist: HUANG YI
Huang was born in 1981 in Yongzhou city, Hunan province. He studied at the Hunan Arts & Crafts College and was graduated in 2000. After a few years, he decided to continue his study and research on oil painting. Eventually, Huang enrolled at the Senior Oil Painting Class of Guangzhou Art Academy and completed his course in 2011.
     In 2009, Huang’s painting titled ‘Immigrant’ was being honored at the National Art Exhibition for the Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Peoples’ Republic of China and the artwork was immediately acquired by local collector.
     From 2010 to 2015, Huang had participated in more than 14 major art events in China with stupendous credits.
     “Huang’s paintings are more works of art of a philosopher than a painter. He thinks differently and paints in an eccentric mode,” said art critics.
     “I want to present a conventional subject in an unconventional way. My latest collection Women’s Bodies are exactly my true expression. The flesh and color of the skin are not important. It is the spirit beyond that I have painted,” said Huang.